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Creator: bohemix image image
Category: Nature
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Rating: 9.58 (19 ratings)
Downloads: 7735

only procedural textures. You can see more detailed preview here
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Magmatic:

Paratron on Aug, 19th - 2008, 18:38 CET  
it looks real cool, erm - hot :)

SoylentGreen on Aug, 19th - 2008, 21:00 CET  
I don't know how much you have changed, but this is much better than the older magmatic materials. Well done!

bohemix on Aug, 19th - 2008, 22:29 CET  
thanx, sirs, i'm happy now :)

Teh_yodelz on Jan, 27th - 2009, 02:17 CET  
Wow, pwnaging material, i love it! what did you do to it to make it look so... lava-esque?