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Category: Metal
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Rating: 8 (11 ratings)
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Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Silver:

Artisten on Sep, 10th - 2008, 15:01 CET  
Oh, Suzanne necklace?

bohemix on Sep, 10th - 2008, 19:14 CET  
Maybe could it be maked in real. Like mascot;)

Ush on Sep, 12th - 2008, 21:36 CET  

bohemix on Sep, 13th - 2008, 09:24 CET  
No comment, ¨Ush¨. Only constructive reactions are requested. Thanks.

nille on Sep, 21th - 2008, 15:17 CET  
It looks like a polished stone of some sort, silver is more reflective and has a yellowish hue... nevertheless a good material.

googie_k on May, 25th - 2009, 15:58 CET  
Good material, but took a bit long to load. (But maybe that's just my old computer.) :-)