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Stringy lava

Creator: Ls777 image
Category: Nature
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Rating: 5.71 (7 ratings)
Downloads: 3072

A type of stringy lava on black ash....
All procedural textures.
Stringy lava
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Stringy lava:

walross on May, 9th - 2007, 20:43 CET  
should look great whith some glow from the sequence editor

DimentioRocks122 on Dec, 24th - 2009, 18:15 CET  
That just looks...freaky. Cool lava pattern, but freaky. Not criticizing. By freaky I mean such thin strings makes me think of worms, and I hate worms. So that creeps me out a little. Still cool, though. XD