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  Material Additional Description Actions
urgency electric Shock / bortlike the one at Stargate ^^
urgency Furhair texture both without particles
urgency Pterosaur wingLike on Jurassic Park III
urgency Glass with trapped bubblesTiny bubbles in glass
urgency Breaddosnt matter what type
urgency intertwined long redworm 
urgency Tracer RoundsTracer rounds (such as in a WW2 dogfight)
urgency lipslips, which be in database are very unrealistic...:(
urgency Ice Creamvanilla, strawberry and chocolate please
urgency Sheep Skin A shep skin material to be used on rugs/ clothes, or even sheep.
urgency RocksThat are actually lumpy
urgency Felt 
urgency Venussolar system
urgency Sparksnot electrical but the kind that occurs from 2 metals hitting eachother
urgency Electric Sparks 
urgency Solar panel 
urgency brown horse fur 
urgency white horse fur 
urgency sequinSequins are disk-shaped beads used for decorative purposes. Sequins are commonly used on clothing, jewelry, bags.
urgency Strawberry 
urgency nailclean
urgency IronMetal
urgency insect shella hars brown realistic(photo) shell for a beetle etc
urgency Various Scratched Metal/PlasticsTo show aged wear and tear
urgency Shapeways matsVisually accurate plastics, for use on shapeways projects, should use SSS and possibly Raytracing for accurate lighting.
urgency Pumpkin Skin 
urgency opalrealistic opal look, the current matlib one is just blue and spotty
urgency jelly/jell-oany flavour
urgency White UPVC plasticA high quality/realistic white plastic window frame material needed.
urgency wood image textureadd wood image from blender CD
urgency Human Nipples:)
urgency "leaves""leaves" as in many leaves/pine needles for any object to be a treetop
urgency Tennis ballA little scruffy/ragged surface
urgency Glass with metal strips/particlesStrips oriented randomly; may be twisted a little. Both strips and particles should shine in light
urgency Bark/old woodSurface roughens- see-
urgency CardboardA natural ribbed look (see
urgency Glass with colored bits trappedMulti-colored bits trapped in clear glass (See foreground piece in this picture:
urgency Unlit MatchTheir is a smoldering match but no unlit match.
urgency Wineliquid with SSS
urgency SiliconeSilicone like that found as cancer bracelets or pencil grips
urgency OnyxNot the pokemon, but the gem/stone
urgency mosquito netOpenings may be square, diamond or hexagonal. All junctions of the threads are knotted!
urgency Coir matA variation can serve as rough-coated fur (see
urgency enamellike is used for decorating fancy items, various colours if possible, incl. black
urgency Prefab Building PanelCoated wood panel for building prefab structures, with a little "planks" texture in it, as seen on http://www.made-in-ch
urgency Prefab Building Panel - sorry for the double post
urgency asphaultboth new road (really dark) and an older cracked light gray road
urgency CorkGood cork for bottles, also cork materials for floors and walls. It's very good for design
urgency Plant lifelike a vine
urgency Tin the metal
urgency Roof Shindle of ClayNeed both Sides for Roof Shindles. Colored Updise & Naturally Underside like this:
urgency silk 
urgency Potting Soil 
urgency Bubble WrapClear bubble wrap
urgency Burlap 
urgency Lion Fur & Mane 
urgency Glossy Ceramic/Plasticlike this :
urgency ceramicreteCOLD CERAMIC
urgency LemonadePretty self-explanatory
urgency Desk topA desk top texture. One in school, with wood or chipboard with the laminate. You remember right?
urgency grinded brasshas a structure after work sandpaper
urgency beach ballcolorful
urgency canadacanada
urgency Ruby 
urgency Emerald 

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