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Daedric weapon

Creator: TerabyteST image
Category: Metal
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Rating: 8.8 (5 ratings)
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The daedric material in the game Oblivion!! I like it!
Daedric weapon
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Daedric weapon:

Ush on Oct, 2nd - 2007, 18:48 CET  

kaelisebonrai on Oct, 6th - 2007, 14:11 CET  
Its not quiite daedric, but, can be easily edited to be such, though, the specularity is way too high for daedric, but, its quite nice, though.

Just some suggestions on how to improve it.

@Ush: Morrowind Daedric was somewhat.. more.. well, refined. =P Oblivion Daedric is fairly... brutal/tribal, rather than the highly ornate kind in Morrowind.

Brammie22 on Oct, 29th - 2007, 19:15 CET