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Orc skin

Creator: Chainz image image
Category: Organic
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Rating: 8.44 (16 ratings)
Downloads: 4604

Orc skin
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Orc skin:

Paratron on Nov, 5th - 2007, 12:41 CET  
Hey, that's cool! =)

Chainz on Nov, 5th - 2007, 13:21 CET  
Thanks a lot for all comments! :)
If you have any detailed ideas, please tell me and I'll modify it.

Brammie22 on Nov, 5th - 2007, 17:40 CET  

Ush on Nov, 5th - 2007, 19:49 CET  
It's great. 10 p!!

oxben on Nov, 6th - 2007, 13:44 CET  
Quite cool.
Maybe I'll modify it a bit to be less shiny.

Carpenoctem on Nov, 13th - 2007, 01:57 CET  
O_O Awesome job!

CyaNn on Nov, 26th - 2007, 12:50 CET  
Greate material.
Why don't you set up sss parameters ? I think it's the only think to do to make it perfect.