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Category: Misc
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This is melting chokolate in Indigo, rendered with the internal renderer it is just \"normal\" chocolate.^^
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to chocolate:

Brammie22 on Nov, 12th - 2007, 07:49 CET  
I've seen better chocolate...

Xain777 on Nov, 13th - 2007, 16:54 CET  
kind of dark...

walross on Nov, 13th - 2007, 18:43 CET  
maybe it could be dark chocolate.
A very good material which is not hungry of resources.

Abc on Dec, 6th - 2007, 00:10 CET  

Ilikecheeseitisfabulousandyummy on May, 9th - 2008, 17:22 CET  
OK - looks like an 85%. Considering using it, although I might make a few minor tweaks.