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Creator: McPanic image
Category: Metal
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Rating: 8.36 (25 ratings)
Downloads: 29113

Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Gold:

LemonMan on May, 15th - 2007, 14:45 CET  
Sooooooooo Shiny!

Nice job! :)

Brammie22 on Oct, 29th - 2007, 18:13 CET  
A little too shiny! :-p
Very good! 10!

kolban on Nov, 26th - 2007, 02:03 CET  
Just what I needed!!

DRNZ on Apr, 9th - 2008, 10:30 CET  
Looks good

marijnator on Apr, 28th - 2010, 21:09 CET  
Wow, this is better than real gold! Where can I exit reallity?

Paratron on Sep, 20th - 2010, 00:13 CET  
I think this one is even better: