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Creator: Paratron image
Category: Stone
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Rating: 8.4 (5 ratings)
Downloads: 3087

I got a bit bored this evening and and wanted to make a material.
*phew* I havent used Blender for so long time, I don't have any skills left =(

But I use Photoshop daily, so I made you this seamless texture ^-^
Hey Blenderheads, challenge for you: make this material procedural ;)
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Terracotta:

Chainz on Apr, 23th - 2008, 10:44 CET  
Image texture?? :0
No problems with procedurals... just little time needed ;)

Brammie22 on Apr, 23th - 2008, 13:52 CET  
Same here!
Nice material bro!

organic on Apr, 24th - 2008, 23:22 CET  
I have one. Uploaded!
Nice texture Paratron.