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Terracotta Tile

Creator: organic image
Category: Stone
Sent online:
Rating: 6.75 (4 ratings)
Downloads: 2471

A configurable tile material. Though it doesn't tile well on curves.
It is adapted from Tile_material.blend
Terracotta Tile
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Terracotta Tile:

Chainz on Apr, 25th - 2008, 12:53 CET  
Custom is nice (exceptothers)
But I liked Paratron's much better ;)

organic on Apr, 25th - 2008, 15:18 CET  
Perhaps it needs more light.
Ah well, back to the drawing board.

Brammie22 on Apr, 25th - 2008, 16:32 CET  
Tile formation is very good!
But maybe try some nodework for getting the other stuff right.

Jörzi on Apr, 27th - 2008, 19:37 CET  
custom render looks nice, but it needs some bumpmapping and maybe a spec map to show off the lines better

organic on Apr, 27th - 2008, 23:03 CET  
There is nor mapping on the lines, but it doesn't show much. I think the best thing would be to apply a bump map after setting the material parameters for your scene. That would need a custom bump map.
You are right about the spec. If the bump showed, the spec would be there too.