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Steel Diamond Tread

Creator: radialronnie image
Category: Metal
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Rating: 7 (6 ratings)
Downloads: 3978

The title says it all!
BTW, sorry about the discreptancy on the cylinder. (Designed for flat surfaces)
Steel Diamond Tread
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Steel Diamond Tread:

Brammie22 on May, 8th - 2008, 16:40 CET  
Looks funny! :-)

radialronnie on May, 8th - 2008, 23:59 CET  
yeah, the reason is that i made it with a cubical map-to but to upload i had to provide a render of the mat on a cylinder. on a cubical object it looks good. :)

Paratron on May, 9th - 2008, 18:40 CET  
just image-textures? also for the cloudy-noise-textures?! come on, have you ever heard about proceduals? :P

radialronnie on May, 16th - 2008, 05:48 CET  
Hey! Whats wrong with Image Texs? Looks "realler" :) :)

stig on Oct, 3rd - 2008, 06:07 CET  
yea paratron, you do better! i like it, so should you! giving it 10 coz 1. i think it deserves it, 2. just to annoy paratron LOL XD